Legal notice


Article 1: Foreword

The viewing and rental of the films is open to any natural person, no matter which country he might reside in, it being specified that when it is a question of minors, access to the sales space of the website , as well as viewing and use of the services of the website are made under the responsibility of the legal representative invested with parental authority.

The situation of films with respect to the French film industry regulations, notably as concerns the protection of minors (film ratings, bans, recommendations) is indicated, if necessary, on the information page of each concerned film.

Unifrance shall be able to, notably for reasons connected with the legal situation of films (foreign exploitation rights), implement a system enabling blockage of access to films from certain territories. These films shall not be available for viewing in the concerned territories.

The User, once his account has been opened, can proceed to the rental and viewing of the films, it being specified that viewing shall be activated only after fulfilment of the required formalities and payment of the due sums for rental and viewing (except if the films are free of charge, according to territories).

The User shall refrain from downloading by any manner whatsoever the films and more generally making available, directly or indirectly, the films in whole or in part, notably on any sharing website whatsoever, or enabling an exchange over the Internet network.

The User must have fully filled out the application for his order which constitutes a condition for the validation of his order.

Any incomplete or poorly or fraudulently filled out application shall be considered as cancelled and rejected, and the order not accepted.

The User shall receive, once the order has been validated, an email recapitulating it, which shall constitute proof of the order and invoice.

The User can moreover access the history of his orders and invoices in his personal space.

Article 2: The financial conditions of viewing of the films are follows

Once the order has been validated, the films can be viewed for 30 days as of the date of purchase. As soon as a film has been viewed once, it can been seen again for 72 hours. These conditions are valid for on-demand purchases and for the purchase of the "pack".

To optimise viewing of the films, the User must have equipment with the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player installed.

Before starting viewing of a film, the User can select the quality of screening of the film, respectively:

- Low (512x384 at 360 Kbps)
- HQ (848x480 at 800 Kbps)
- HD (1920x1080 at 1500 Kbps)

Over the course of viewing of the film, the User can likewise select the subtitling language to be displayed among those available.

By on-demand payment is meant a determined and individualised price allowing access to one or several determined and individualised films, with the aim to its or their viewing, for a limited duration.

By "pack" is meant payment of an all-inclusive and global price allowing access to all the films in a category of the selection with the aim to their viewing, for a limited duration, except geoblocked films according to the concerned territories:

- Feature Film Pack: access to all the feature films in and out-of-competition
- Shorts Pack: access to all the shorts in and out-of-competition
- Full Access Pack: access to all the films (shorts and feature films) in and out-of-competition

By accepting the General Sales Conditions, the User recognises that he has been informed of the number of films included in his packs. The list of films available in his territory being visible on the homepage of, in the summary of the order in his shopping cart and in the summary table at the time of validation of the order.

The prices presented below for the packs are independent of the geoblocking of certain films in certain territories (see previous paragraphs). Furthermore, the indicated prices of the packs remain unchanged, no matter the number of films included in packs.

2-1 Rates - France (prices "inclusive of all taxes")

- Rental of a short: 0.99€
- Shorts pack: 5.99€

Because of local distribution rights, the features selected for 2014 will be blocked from view within France. 

2-2 Rates - Worldwide - except France (prices "inclusive of all taxes")

- Rental of a feature film: 1.99€
- Rental of a short: 0.99€
- Feature film pack: 11.99€
- Shorts pack: 5.99€
- Full Access pack: 15.99€

2-3: Free viewing

Unifrance reserves the possibility, in certain territories, of allowing free viewing of the films.

Furthermore, within the framework of the promotion of MyFrenchFilmFestival, Unifrance shall distribute codes enabling users to view free of charge one or several films.

Article 3: Minimum required equipment and connection

WINDOWS PC and PC portable

- Processor Intel Pentium 4 at 3 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 2800+ (or faster)
- 1 Go of RAM
- 64 Mb graphic memory

For WINDOWS NetBook:

- Processor Intel Atom at 2 GHz or faster
- 1 Go of RAM
- 64 Mb graphic memory
- Systems equipped with a Broadcom or Intel GMA 500 graphics board must use a Windows Aero theme for optimal viewing.

For MAC bone:

- Processor PowerPC G5 at 2 GHz or faster
- Processor Intel Core Duo at 1.6 GHz or faster
- 1 Go of RAM
- 64 Mb graphic memory


- Processor Intel Pentium 4 to 3 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 2800 + (or faster)
- 1 Go of RAM
- 64 Mb graphic memory

Internet navigator:

To optimise navigation on the website and access to viewing of the films, it is recommended that the User has installed the latest version available of one of the following navigators:

- Internet Explorer
- Firefox
- Safari
- Chrome


A high-speed Internet connection is recommended: ADSL, cable or optical fibre offering reception bandwidth of at least 500 Kbps.

Important note:

Management of subtitles cannot be taken into account by most of tablets and Smartphones, nevertheless the User can view the film in its original version without subtitles on such devices. Unifrance cannot however guarantee the capacity of such devices to properly display the films.

Article 4: Retraction

The User can exercise his right of retraction foreseen in Article L.120-20 of the Code of Consumption within 7 (seven) days of reception of the email from Unifrance confirming to him the order according to the conditions foreseen in Article 4-1 above, by contacting the customer service department.

In the event that this period expires on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or bank holiday, it shall be extended until the first next workday.

In the event that the User uses the viewing service for which his order has been accepted by Unifrance by the sending of the email foreseen in Article 4-1 above, before the end of the expiration of the deadline of 7 (seven) days above, he shall lose the possibility of exercising his right of retraction. (Art. L.120-20-2 of the Code of Consumption).

Article 5: Distance selling

The system set up, which supposes an active approach on the part of the User, is in accordance in all respects with the requirements distance selling, and, as such, notably, with Articles L.111-1, L.113-3 and L.121-18 and following of the Code of Consumption and Articles 1369-1 and 1369-2 of the Civil Code. Due to the nature of the service, that is to say intangible services delivered solely by downloading, the execution of which began with the agreement of the User before the end of the period of retraction of 7 working days, and in application of Article L.121-20-2 of the Code of Consumption, the User shall not be able to exercise his right of retraction.

In the event that the User purchases a viewing service on a platform partner, the applicable General Conditions of Use and General Sales Conditions shall be those of the concerned platform.

Article 6: Termination of the account

Unifrance shall be able to terminate the account of the User and consequently the services proposed by Unifrance on the website , immediately, without advance notice and without any other formality, in the event of difficulty of on-demand payment or payment of a Pack, as well as in the event of infringement of the intellectual property rights of any person, and more generally in the event of breach of the present General Conditions and violation of the laws and regulations currently in effect.

Article 7: Customer service department

Contact information:
Contact service customer:
Phone service customer: (+33 )

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