Food for thought, to take away!

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Food for thought, to take away!

Check out our poster and trailers for the third edition of the festival.

Just for you, the dream team at MyFrenchFilmFestival went out to meet with tourists from all over the world visiting Paris, at the Trocadéro, on the Pont des Arts, and at Montmartre, to glean their impressions of French cinema.

"Arty," "bizarre," "super"... one thing is certain: French films never fail to make an impact. Leave your comments and share these three cosmopolitan trailers!

As for our poster, MyFrenchFilmFestival has a new look this year and has morphed into a sandwich!

Whether it is to quench your curiosity or your passion for French cinema, there's a broad selection of films to get your teeth into this year, including documentaries and debut films, comedies and political dramas. You'll find something to suit all tastes!

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