Edmond was a Donkey

A little donkey grows up.

The character of Edmond, a little man who wears a hat with donkey ears which he seems rather proud of, was inspired by a drawing by the film's director, Franck Dion. Based on his sketches, Dion developed a character and a story about this little person who appeared one day on a blank sheet of paper.

Initially, Franck Dion imagined Edmond as a metaphor for transgender struggles, stemming from the idea of being born in a skin that is not one's own. But on a broader level, Edmond Was a Donkey can also be seen as a parable about difference and otherness, the feeling of being out of step with the rest of a group. To express this idea of mismatch on the screen, Dion chose to superimpose voices speaking about Edmond over images that portray Edmond and his emotions - all of this against a backdrop that evokes a Communist era government office in which all of the employees look the same.

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Posted on Thursday, February 7, 2013

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