A World Without Women

A bittersweet drama that takes us on a detour to northern France.

Like The Shady SailorA World Without Women was one of the few medium-length films that managed to gain theatrical release in France in 2012, and we are proud to include it in our selection for this third annual festival.

In this drama shot on 16mm, Guillaume Brac wished to anchor his film in a particular geographic location, in the style of Maurice Pialat and Bruno Dumont. Not merely content to shoot the picturesque landscapes of the Picardy region, where he spent a weekend at Ault, Brac says that his film was born out of a desire to film Bouboule, the owner of the bar where he had his meals, and Marie Picard, the concierge at the apartments where he stayed. It was his encounter with these people and his sense of wonderment at the local landscapes that inspired him to write the screenplay for A World Without Women.

At this semi-poetic, semi-pathetic seaside resort, Guillaume Brac portrays the Rohmeresque holiday flirtations of Sylvain, an emotionally vulnerable fellow who is caught between a mother and her daughter on vacation in the town of Ault.

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Posted on Thursday, February 7, 2013

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