Oh Willy...

Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Oh Willy...

The acclaimed short film made by a stop motion animator and a commercials art director.

Selected at a host of international film festivals, including the 2013 Salt Lake City - Sundance International Film Festival, Oh Willy... has traveled the world and won the hearts of audiences and critics alike with its synthesis of two very unusual styles: the warm fabric textures of Emma De Swaef and the unsettling filmmaking of Marc Roels whose work in Mompelaar has already attracted considerable attention.

Emma, who has known Marc for around ten years, had written a rough initial screenplay about Willy and the subject of nudism, which Marc developed and structured into a film. The entire film was shot in Marc's attic, with the filmmaking duo building all of the sets and manipulating all of the animated action themselves. This explains the evocative soft lighting which pervades the film and highlights the textures of the settings and characters which were fabricated by Emma de Swaef.

To immerse yourself in this poetic world in which things are not as rosy as they seem, watch the trailer and the interview with Emma de Swaef, as well as the film. And don't forget to vote for this film if it's your favorite short film of the festival!

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